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Lull before the Storm

Work in progress. This ongoing series of seascapes has been captured from the same location during the past ten years.

Wind Turbines in The Mist
Storm Eye
Candy Floss Clouds
Untitled 19
Sky Drama 2
Diminishing Sun 2
Blue Horizon 1
Sky Watch
Purple Haze
Uncertain Sky
Untitled 1
Untitled 7
Flames to Grey
Endless Grey
Light Pools
Silver Sea
Black Horizon 4
Sullen Sky 1
Flamingo Sky
Closing In
Winter Sun
Untitled 6
Sky Drama 1
Untitled 4
Stark Calm
Sullen Sky 2
Untitled 10
Untitled 14
Gathering Storm
Amber Streak
Untitled 11
Untitled 17
East Wind
Untitled 15
Untitled 20
Untitled 18
Untitled 22
Untitled 21